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      Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics              

Briana shows Patrick and Jacob how to align the counter propagating beams and collect laser induced fluorescence from the diatomic molecular cell.

Lasers are pulsed blue dye pumped by the third harmonics of a Nd:YAG laser at 355 nm and the second harmonics of the green laser at 532 nm.




The Bayram Group conducts research into the coherent light-matter interaction using lasers, atomic & molecular vapors and ideas of quantum physics. The research projects are supported by NSF.



Fall 2017


  • 2017-08 AMO group welcomes graduate students Dinesh Wagle & Michael Saaranen as an NSF-supported Research Assistants. Have a wonderful academic year!

Summer 2017


  • 2017-08 Congratulations to both Michael Saaranen and Jacob McFarland for sucessfully completing their senior Capstone projects. Good luck on future studies!

Spring 2017


  • 2017-05 Jacob and Michael presented their research at the 2017 Miami UR Forum. Nice job guys!
  • 2017-02 Major upgrade of the spectrometer system has been received.  


Fall 2016


  • 2016-11 Congratulations to Tim Horton for successful Master Thesis defense talk. Great job!
  • 2016-09 Our group welcomes Maggie Mize, Ziwei Zhang, Michael Saaranen and Rohan Radke.
  • 2016-09 Congratulations to the group members for their hard work and NSF Award! We have now open NSF supported RA positions. Contact Dr. Bayram

Summer 2016


  • 2016-06 Summer research group, Tim, Jacob & Matt (US Scholar), with great start!
  • 2016-06 Jacob McFarland presented our work at DAMOP, Rhode Island.
  • 2016-05 Group's Great Job presenting at Talawanda Science Week. Link

Spring 2016


  • 2016-05 Congratulations to Briana, Jacob and Matt for Physics Research Awards!
  • 2016-05 Congratulations to Briana Vamosi for being accepted to Cincinnati Medical School!
  • 2016-05 Congratulations to Briana for finishing a successfull capstone project!
  • 2016-04 Group presentations by Jacob and Tim at OSAPS spring 2016 in Dayton.
  • 2016-03 Congratulations to Matt Kelly for receiving 2016 Undergrad. Summer Scholar Award.
  • 2016-02 LaTeX workshop opened for all students. See Dr. Bayram for more information.

Fall 2015

  • 2015-11 Our group welcomes Matt Kelly and Ben Groves (FYRE).
  • 2015-11 Congratulations to Jacob McFarland for giving a great Physics Seminar talk!
  • 2015-10 Congratulations to Salah Uddin for sucessful project presentation at OSAPS!
  • 2015-09 Congratulations to Maha Aljohani and Tim Horton for presenting at the Graduate Symposium.
  • 2015-09 Congratulations to all students in our group for publication in Optics Communication!


Our Research & Group News Releases

  • 2015-05-01  Campus News about our group's outreach activity Link
  • 2016-02-19Promotion and Tenure
  • 2015-05-01  APS 2015 Award Link  
  • 2014-11-26   Miami University Physics, posting on Nov. 26. 2014, Link
  • 2014-11-24   Miami Students are Using New Laser Technology, Miami In The News, Link
  • 2014-11-24   Lasers Sheds New Light on Molecules at MiamiNPR Radio Station, Link
  • 2014-8-20    Spotlight of Briana Vamosi (junior), Link
  • 2014-7-01     In a Whole New Light, Miamian Summer 2014 Link
  • 2014-07-15   Measuring Energy Transfer, Research Videos, CAS Link
  • 2014-05-09  New laser system at Miami beams red, green and purple to the delight of molecules  Link
  • 2009-02-19Promotion and Tenure
  • 2008-10-28: Atomic collisions from basic research to new technologies  Link


Summer 2015

  • Congratulations to Phill Arndt and Amal Qassadi! They have been accepted to doctoral programs!
  • 2015-08 Congratulations to Phill Arndt (PhD Temple) and Amal Qassadi (PhD WPI) successfully submitting their theses and receiving their M.Sc. in Physics.
  • 2015-06 Jacob McFarland, Salahuddin and Phill presented at DAMOP, Columbus. Link

Spring 2015


  • 2015-05 Amal Quassadi received PhD offer at WPI and Phill Arndt at Temple University.
  • 2015-05 Congratulations to Phill Arndt for Outstanding Graduate Research Award. Patrick Boyle (post-group graduate) for Outstanding Senior Award! , Jacob McFarland and Briana Vamosi for Commendation Research Awards.
  • 2015-04 Briana, Jacob and Bradley present at the 21st Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.
  • 2015-03 Congratulations to Jacob McFarland for receiving Undergraduate Summer Scholar Award!
  • 2015-03 Congratulations to Briana Vamosi for being selected to present her research at the US Capital Hill in Washington D.C. through Posters-on-the-Hill program.
  • 2015-01 Congratulations to Salahuddin, Phill and Tim for receiving NSF Research Assistanships.


Fall 2014

  • 2014-12 Our work on Quantum Beat Spectroscopy has been published. Congratulations to the group!

  • 2014-11 Congratulations to the research group, broadcasted on WVXU Radio Station this morning! Link

  • 2014-11 Phill Arndt presents two research projects at the 2014 Graduate Research Forum. Link

  • 2014-10 Jacob McFarland and Patrick Boyle presented their research at Miami Physics Seminar. Great Job!

  • 2014-10 Briana Vamosi (class of 2016) on the Student Spotlight! Link

  • 2014-10 Welcome to Amal Qassadi (grad) joining to our research group.

  • 2014-09 Watch Patrick and Jacob describing their research and future plans at Miami CAS site. Video Link

  • 2014-09 Welcome to Salah Uddin (grad), Tim Horton (grad) & Maha Aljohani (grad) joining to our resarch group.

  • 2014-07 Our research group is on Miamian summer 2014 magazine. Link


Spring 2014

  • 2014-05 Our group went live on Miami top news on May 9-Congratulations to Briana, Phill, Jacob & Patrick Link

  • 2014-05 Congratulations to undergraduate students Jacob McFarland and Patrick Boyle for receiving Department of Physics Undergraduate Research Awards.

  • 2014-05 Congratulations to graduate student Phill Arndt for receiving the Department of Physics Outstanding Research by 1st Year Student Award.

  • 2014-04 Graduate student Phill Arndt presented our work on 'quantum beats spectroscopy of the hyperfine evolution in excited cesium' at the OSAPS/APS conference. Link

  • 2014-04 Undergraduate students Briana Vamosi and Jacob McFarland presented at the 2014 Miami Undergraduate Research Forum. Link

  • 2014-04 Congratulations to Briana Vamosi for being selected to present 'molecular spectroscopy of iodine' at the US Capital Hill in Washington D.C. through Posters-on-the-Hill program by Miami University.