Department of Physics

Bayram Research Group   

Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics



Visualizing  atomic polarization. The time evolution can be traced precisely like a stroboscope by using short pump-probe pulsed laser technique.



We are a research group in experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics and are interested in probing the dynamics of light-matter interaction by using short and ultrashort pulses of laser light (nano and pico/femto second durations). We do a lot of interesting things with lasers, atoms and molecules. Read more about it under the Research Projects below.

Our current research is based on time-resolved laser spectroscopy using a sophisticated resonant pump-stimulated emission probe technique. Spectroscopy has a wide range of applications in medicine, biology, analytical chemistry, photonics, condensed matter, physics, and molecular quantum optics.

Research Projects                                                             Graduate Research Assistanship (closed)

The research is performed in Dr. Bayram's state-of-the-art laboratory in 128 Kreger.

Major Laser Equipments in the Laboratory:

      Titanium Sapphire Pulsed Laser


  • Pico/femto convertable pulsed laser
  • Tuning range 700 mn - 1080 nm
  • Stable mode-locking at the tuning range
  • Average power 1.5 W watts at 850 nm
  • Polarization vertical
  • Currently 80MHz repetition rate, 1.5 ps pulse

     This laser is pumped by Millenia Xs


       Verdi V10 cw semiconductor Laser


  • DPSS (diode pumped solid state) laser
  • 10W at 532 nm single frequency
  • Linewidth < 5 MHz for high resolution spectroscopy

      Millenia Xs cw semiconductor Laser

                           Spectra Physics

  • Single frequency DPSS (diode pumped solid state) laser
  • 10W at 532 nm for Ti:sapphire laser pumping
  • Ultralow noise

       Surelite Nd:YAG Pulsed laser


  • 20 Hz adjustable repetition rate
  • Simultaneous operation at 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm
  • 5-7 nanosecond pulse widths
  • Vertical polarization at 532 nm, horizontal at 355 nm

           Coherent cw Ring Dye Laser 699-01

  • Tunable dye laser
  • With DCM tunable 600nm to 750nm
  • With RG tunable 550nm to 600nm
  • Power ~500mW at 650nm

     This laser is pumped by Verdi V10


     Dye Lasers pumped by YAG I-20

  • Various home-built dye lasers in Littman-Metcalf and Littrow cavities
  • Wavelenghts range from 379 nm to 980 nm
  • 0.1 W output power with 5-7 nanosecond pulse widths
  • Static or dye flowing cell type

    These lasers are pumped by  Surelite Nd:YAG    second and third harmonics @ 532nm, 355nm.


       Coherent cw Ti:Sapphire Laser 899