Jennifer Blue

Professor of Physics, Miami University

Affiliate, Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies



Department of Physics


Email: bluejm [at]

Voicemail: 513-529-1380


Mailing Address:

Miami University Department of Physics

500 E. Spring Street, 217 Kreger Hall

Oxford, Ohio 45056




Courses Taught Regularly


Astronomy and Space Physics (PHY 111)

Observational Foundations of Astronomy (PHY 211)

Physics by Inquiry (PHY 215)

Teaching Assistant Seminar (PHY 689)

Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement (GSC 601)

College Teaching (GSC 602)

Academic Cultures (GSC 603)




Selected Publications


Jennifer Blue, Adrienne Traxler, and Geraldine Cochran (2019) Resource Letter: GP-1: Gender and Physics. American Journal of Physics 87(8), 616-626.


Jennifer Blue, Adrienne L. Traxler, and Ximena C. Cid (2018) Gender in physics: Insights from physics education. Physics Today 71(3), 40-46.


Jennifer Blue (2018) Assessing astronomy students’ views about the nature of scientific inquiry. Physical Review Physics Education Research 14(1), 010141.


Stone Oliver, Alexander Staron, and Jennifer Blue (2018) A review of Eric Mazur’s Principles and Practice of Physics. The Physics Teacher 56(1), 27-28.


Jacqueline J. Chini and Jennifer Blue (2017, Fall) Accessibility and inclusion in physics: A working group summary from FFPER. American Physical Society Forum on Education Newsletter.


Adrienne L. Traxler, Ximena C. Cid, Jennifer Blue, and Ramon Barthelemy (2016) Enriching gender in PER: A binary past and a complex future. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 12 (2), 020114..


Jennifer Blue, Gregg W. Wentzell, and Matthew J. Evins (2015) What do students want? Small group instructional diagnoses of STEM faculty, Proceedings of the 2014 Physics Education Research Conference, 43-46. P.V. Engelhardt, A.D. Churukian, and D.L. Jones, Editors.


Jennifer Blue, Mary Elizabeth Mills, and Ellen Yezierski (2013) Self-efficacy in introductory physics in students at single-sex and coeducational colleges. Proceedings of the 2012 Physics Education Research Conference, 78-81. P.V. Engelhardt, A.D. Churukian, N.S. Rebello, Editors. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics.


Jennifer Blue and Joshua Jacob (2009) Student perceptions of an introductory laboratory course. Proceedings of the 2009 Physics Education Research Conference, 101-104. C. Henderson, M. Sabella, & C. Singh, Editors. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics.


Jennifer Blue and Stephen Kanim (2008, Spring) A Ph.D. in physics education research. American Physical Society Forum on Education Newsletter, 10-12.


Jennifer Blue and Patricia Heller (2004) Using matched samples to look for sex differences. Proceedings of the 2003 Physics Education Research Conference, 45-48. K. Cummings, J. Marx, & S. Franklin, Editors. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics.




Current External Funding


Miami University Robert Noyce Scholars Program. $1,172,821 for May 2017-April 2022 from the National Science Foundation. PIs: Nazan Bautista, Tammy Schwartz, Jeffrey Wanko, Ellen Yezierski, and Jennifer Blue.


REU Sites: Miami University, $355,531 for September 2018-August 2021 from the National Science Foundation. Co-PIs: Herbert Jaeger and Jennifer Blue.


A Preliminary Investigation of a Social Cognitive Intervention in Early Courses. $367,563 for September 2015 - June 2019 (no-cost extension through June 2020) from the National Science Foundation. PIs: Amy Summerville, Jennifer Blue, and Brian Kirkmeyer.





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