A Step by Step Guide to Threading a Sewing Machine

This is a step by step guide with pictures for threading a basic sewing machine. Depending on the machine you have, these steps might be different, there might be more or less, and the order you do them might be different.

Items Needed:

Sewing Machine

Bobbin Case - Bobbin - Spool of Thread

  1. Place spool of thread on spool pin

  2. Take thread through thread guide on top back of machine
  3. Take thread around back side of tension wheel. Bring thread up front side of tension wheel and behind the hook.
  4. Bring thread through the metal guide that looks like it was made with a paper clip. The thread should come from the back of the machine to the front.
  5. Turn wheel at far right of machine towards you to bring both the needle and the tension guide top the highest position. Thread tension guide
  6. Bring thread down from the tension guide and through the next thread guide which is a small hook on the left face of the machine.
  7. Take thread through the thread guide on the front of the needle carriage.
  8. Thread your needle. For this machine you need to thread it from left to right, because the last thread guide forced the thread down the left side of the needle. Some machines you would thread front to back.
  9. Place bobbin in the bobbin case
  10. Take thread through the slot at the bottom of the bobbin case, this will force the thread to come out the hole in the bobbing case.
  11. Place bobbin in the bobbin bracket on the machine. Twist the bobbin until it drops or clicks into place. On older machines this is under the machine and has a door you lift to access this. On newer machines, there is a place for the bobbin directly under the needle which you can see as you look at the machine without opening anything.
  12. While holding the thread that goes through the needle, use the wheel on the right of the machine to take the needle up and down once. This will catch the thread from the bobbin, and pull it up to create a loop. Pull the loop so both thread ends are visible.
  13. Place threads on the base of the sewing machine. You are now ready to begin sewing.

Good luck on your sewing project!

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