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2012-09-26: A poster about trust in augmented reality and Marshall McLuhan has been accepted to the ISMAR AMH track.
2012-09-26: Initial experimental trial of ShelvAR is underway. Will be presented at LITA National Forum 2012.
2012-05-30: Lots of new videos for undergraduate research seminar projects, and a new video of ShelvAR (for our ISMAR 2012 submission) have been posted.
2012-03-02: Dr. Brinkman interviewed by WKYC about Google's Project Glass. [WKYC Cleveland]
2012-02-22: Dr. Brinkman interviewed by The New York Times about Google's Project Glass. [New York Times]
2012-02-21: Dr. Brinkman interviewed by the Associated Press about the affordances of PlayStation Vita's new back touch pad. [USA Today]
2011-08-29: ShelvAR development resumes, with a new team. See our personnel page, and watch this space for updates.
2011-07-28: Brian Stincer completes his Undergraduate Summer Scholars project on decisional interference through optical illusions in AR.
2011-04-08: More press and blog coverage of ShelvAR: [The Register]
2011-04-07: More press and blog coverage of ShelvAR: [Fast Company]
2011-04-06: More press and blog coverage of ShelvAR: [Chronicle of Higher Ed Wired Campus Blog], [Microsiervos]
2011-04-02: AR shelf-reading app to be presented at ACRL 2011.
2011-03-28: Our YouTube video was featured on Read Write Web! Thanks for your interest! [RWW]
2011-03-22: Video of our prototype AR shelf-reading app posted on YouTube.
2011-02-01: Brian Stincer joins the team as part of the Undergraduate Summer Scholars program.
2010-12: Jue Wang defends his thesis, "A first experiment in misplaced trust in augmented reality" -- See the Publications page.

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