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   William Hogarth's "The Politician" (1776) 
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Interested in the study of politics and government at Miami? Check the Department's Homepage for more info about majors and minors, thematic sequences, and graduate programs: Political Science @ Miami Univ.

Consider hanging around MU for another 12 months and get a M.A.  degree ("I'm not a real doctor; I have a Master's degree in [Political] Science!").  Contact the Department's Graduate Director (529-2000).  Merit-based Graduate Assistantships are available.

My Brush with Greatness

Dated but interesting
I organized a visit by Chess Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov (#3 ranked USA player) to Miami University on March 28, 2001.  He played in aSimultaneous Chess Exhibition -- chance of a lifetime for local players -- and talked about Russian chess!!!  See photos of the event.
Gregory Kaidanov (America's #1 ranked player) returned to Miami University on March 25, 2003 as part of the "St. Petersburg 2003 Festival."  He talked on "St. Petersburg's Chess Legacy"  &  played  in a Simultaneous Chess Exhibition defeating all opponents.


Current Classes: Syllabi & Assignments(under construction)



POL 357 Buckley Paper Handout 
POL 241 Atwood Paper Handout

Courses Taught Regularly:

POL 241 ("American Political System")*
POL 220 ("Movies and  Politics")
POL 357 ("Pol. of  Organized Interests")
POL 459G ("Practical Pol. in America")
POL 608 ("Adv. Methods of  Pol. Analysis"
POL 641 ("Seminar on American Politics")
POL 650 ("Seminar on Pol. Interest Groups")

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Best day trip excursion (and secret) in 
Butler County, OH? 
Check it out.  It is minutes away from
Miami University.  You will be impressed, 
if not amazed.  You are looking at 


(Photo by Keith R. Wessel
Check Keith out at his Website; he is a terrific political photographer.

  • Welcome to my Homepage.
  • I am on the faculty of the Political Science Department at Miami Univesity. My primary teaching responsibilities are in the area of American government and Research Methods. Specifically, I teach courses on organized interests, applied politics, and methods of political analysis.
  • On this page you'll find info about me, my classes, announcements, and some links to interesting sites. 
    Q. "How can you be so bad at chess?
    A. "Long (k)nights of practice and self-denial!"
    Interested in chess? Try these links for a start: 
    Internet Chess Club (ICC)
    Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
    International Federation of Chess (FIDE)
    U.S. Chess Federation (USCF)/U.S. Chess Life (USCL)
    Colin Rose's Chess Stamps Page
    (Can you find the mate in 3 for White in the Suriname stamp?  Click on Image to enlarge and link to solution.) 

    More chess links and chess at Miami?  Check out the Miami University Chess Club.  Come play! 


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