Out of an Old Poet, Barnaby Googe

edited by Arthur C. Good

Barnaby Googe, son of Robert Goche of Lincolnshire, was born around June 11, 1540 and died in February 1594. He was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge and he most likely obtained grammar school education as well.
"Out of an Old Poet" was published in Eclogues, Epitaphs, and Sonnets. Published in 1563, it is the first collection of poems published by a single author, while living, in Modern English. The "old Poet," has never been determined, but it has been speculated that it may refer to Seneca (Phaedra in Hippolytus), or Ovid (Myrrha in Metamorphoses ll.311-514)

   Fie Fie, I loath
   to speak: wilt thou my lust,
   Compel me now,
   to do so foul an act?
   Nay rather God,                                5
   with flame consume to dust
   My carrion vile,
   than I perform this fact.
   Let rather thoughts,
   that long, have worried me,        10
   Or sickness such
   as fancy fond hath brought,
   O gaping hell,
   drive me now down to thee,
   Let boiling sighs                             15
   consume me all to nought.   

1. carrion] the contemptible fleshly nature of man.
8. fact] deed.
12. fancy] amorous inclination, love.

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