My current research is driven by a curiosity of earthquake processes in subduction zones, in particular the interactions between different slip modes along the subduction zone interface and their affect on long-term recurrence rates of great megathrust earthquakes. Specifically, I am interested in the probability that any given slow slip event triggers a great megathrust earthquake. I am also intrigued by the possible causes and effects of segmentation of both the seismogenic zone and adjacent slow slip zone, and whether they affect long-term probabilities. 

If it is not already obvious from the pictures, I am also fascinated by the intimate relationship between earthquake and volcanic processes. I am particularly interested in the interactions between tectonic and magmatic processes with relation to magma storage and migration, volcanic eruptions, and, in some cases, the potential for large decollement earthquakes.


Research Interests


While in graduate school I was a:

  1. Teaching assistant for Structural Geology for 5 quarters.

  2. Lecturer for Introduction to Earthquakes, known as Earthquake Country, two summers.

  3. Lecturer for Introduction to Geology, known as Earth’s Crust and Interior, one summer and instructed the labs 2 quarters.

Other classes I would be interested in teaching:

  1. Field Techniques or Mapping, including summer field camp

  2. Introduction to Geophysics

  3. Earthquake Processes (graduate class)


Teaching Experience