I am a Distinguished Professor of Geology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. My research interests include:

• tectonics of oceanic and continental extensional regimes;

• structure and petrology of ophiolites and oceanic crust;

• tectonics and geodynamics of modern and ancient convergent margins;

• post-collisional tectonics and magmatism of the Eastern Mediterranean;

• regional structure of the Alpine-Himalayan, Caledonian, and North American Cordilleran orogenic belts.

Thesis/dissertation topics for perspective students:

• Structure, petrology, geochemistry and tectonics of Mesozoic-Cenozoic oceanic crust in the Pontide-Black Sea arc-backarc system (involves fieldwork in Turkey and/or the Republic of Georgia)

• Passive margin development, rift-drift tectonics, and sedimentary basin evolution in Eastern Europe and Anatolia (involves fieldwork in Greece, Albania, and/or Turkey)

• Structure, tectonics and geomorphology of the Northern Owens Valley and Evolution of the Great Basin-Sierra Nevada Boundary (involves fieldwork in Eastern California)

• Structure, petrology and tectonics of oceanic crust in arc-trench rollback systems (involves field work in Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran and/or Chile)

• Structure and tectonic geomorphology of transform fault plate boundaries (Dead Sea, East and North Anatolian faults) in the Mediterranean region (involves fieldwork in Turkey)

• Structure, geochronology and tectonics of orogenic vs. anorogenic Cenozoic magmatism (involves fieldwork on Aegean Islands, in western Turkey, Azerbaijan, and/or Iran)

• Structure, sedimentology, and tectonics of mélanges (involves fieldwork in Italy)