About me

I am a professor of philosophy. My research focuses on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and in the general area of ethics. I am interested ethics in the ancient sense of figuring out how to lead one's life, how to become the sort of person that one wants—and should want— to become. I approach these questions from the perspective of the history of philosophy, but a history informed by contemporary research in evolutionary psychology.

I am also interested in returning philosophy to the public sphere. Currently, I am a member of the Values and Ethics Committee and the Obstetrics Consultation Committee at Atrium Medical Center. I served as the chair of their Institutional Review Board (IRB) for many years. Until recently, I co-hosted a philosophical discussion group "Dr. Phil-osophy" and was on WMUB quarterly. You can hear the last show on WMUB here. I talk about these experiences in a video produced for the Humanities Center at Miami, where I served on the Valuing the Humanities Task Force.