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CLOCKWORKS 2: An Annotated List of Works Useful for the Study of the Human/Machine Interface in SF—SUPPLEMENTAL




(Run off 22 August 2006; divided, 23 August 2006))






Clockworks OUTTAKES + Supplemental




SF Ency.                                              The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1979)

Ency. of SF (1993)                   The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1993)





CGI                                    Computer-Generated Images/Imagery

IMDb The Internet Movie Database

IRL                                     "In Real Life," the everyday, noncybernetic areas outside Cyberspace and the Internet, without getting into ontological issues of what is real. 

JFA                                    Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

po-mo                                Postmodern, Postmodernism, Postmodernist

Psi, Psi-powers                 Paranormal psychological powers: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, precognition

SFRA Review                    Science Fiction Research Association Review

VR                                      Virtual Reality

WWW                                       World Wide Web, the Internet



1. REF, 9/IX/92            Altman, Mark A., compiler.  See below, this section, under STAR TREK.



1.  Ref., RDE, 00/XII/00           Anatomy of Wonder 4.  Neil Barron, ed.  New Providence, NJ: R. R. Bowker, 1995.  **+Fourth edn. of the indispensable Anatomy of Wonder texts, which we have consulted for the annotated biblio.s of primary and secondary literature in SF. 



1. REF, RDE, 07/I/93   Bleiler, Everett F.  Science Fiction: The Early Years.  Kent, OH: Kent State UP, 1991.  **+Starting with Johannes Kepler's Somnium (publ. 1634), "a full description of more than 3,000 science-fiction stories from earliest times to the appearance of the genre magazines in 1930"—EFB quoted by Ray B. Browne, rev. in JPC 26.1 (Summer 1992): 197, our source for this entry. 



1. REF, RDE, 08/II/93  Broderick, Mich.  Nuclear Movies: A Critical Analysis and Filmography of International Feature Length Films Dealing with Experimentation, Aliens, Terrorism, Holocaust and Other Disaster Scenarios, 1914-1989.  Jefferson NC: McFarland, 1991.  **+Covers "854 films, made-for-TV movies[,] and mini-series dramas . . . [released] between 1914 and 1989, with some mentions of films released as late as mid-1991."  The plot synopses are very brief summaries with limited cross-references.  Covers a very broad range film.  Rev. Paul Brians, SFRA Review #198 (June 1992): 27-28, our source for this entry and whom we quote. 



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1.  Ref., RDE, 15/I/05       Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature.  T. A. Shippey, consulting ed.  A. J, Sobczak, project ed.  Pasadena, CA and Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem P, 1996.  4 vols.  **+Successor to the Magill Survey of Science Fiction Literature, 5 vols. (1979) and Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature, 5 vols (1983). 



1.  Ref, TW, 13/I/95      Spector, Robert Donald.  The English Gothic: A Bibliographic Guide to Writers from Horace Walpole to Mary Shelley.  Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1984.  **+An impressively careful piece of work.  Covers the definitions of "gothic," and then continues with a discussion of the contribution of the major writers in the field.  Less a biblio. guide than a research guide, directed more toward advanced students than scholars.  Excellent historical breadth, making this a useful reference for historicizing the theme of the human/machine interface and locating it within a tradition of other confrontations between human and Other. 






1. REF, 9/IX/92            "Episode Guide [to Star Trek: The Next Generation]."  Mark A. Altman, compiler.  Cinefantastique 23.2/3 (Oct. 1992): 35 f.  **+Covers the 26 episodes from 23 September 1991 to 15 June 1992. 



1. REF, 29/I/93            Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Altman, Mark A. et al., compilers  Cinefantastique 23.6 (April 1993): 16 f.  **+Basic information on the Deep Space Nine cast, "bible, production staff, and opening episode ("Emissary," week of 4 Jan. 1993 [q.v. under Drama]). 



1.  Ref., RDE, 12/XII/95           "Third Season Guide" to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1994-95 season.  Dale Kutzera, compiler.  Cinefantastique 27.4/5 (Jan. 1996): 90 f.  **+Citations, annotations, and evaluations of Deep Space Nine from 24 Sept. 1994-17 June 1995, Episode 47-Production Number 72 (sic: "Episode" up to 51, thereafter "Production Number").  Abbreviated below as "3rd Season Guide: DS9." 



1.  Ref., RDE, 12/XII/95           "Voyager Guide" 1995.  Dale Kutzera, compiler.  Cinefantastique 27.4/5 (Jan. 1996): 34 f.  **+Citations, annotations, and evaluations of Star Trek: Voyager from 16 Jan.-2 Oct. 1995, Production Numbers 101/102-119, aired as 206. 



1.  Ref., RDE, 18/XII/96           "[Star Trek]: Deep Space Nine Episode Guide."  Cinefantastique 28.4/5 (Nov. 1996): 26 f.  **+Covers the episodes from 30 Sept. 1995 to 6 Jan. 1996. 



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1.  Ref., RDE, 03/VI/96            Uram, Sue.  "Classic Star Trek Episode Guide."  Cinefantastique 27.11-12 (July 1996): 26 f. **+In honor of the 30th anniversary of Star Trek, a complete, annotated videography of the classic Star Trek canon, "listed in the order in which they were filmed.



1.  Ref., RDE, 10/IX/95            Video Hound's Golden Movie Retriever: 1995.  Detroit: Visible Ink P-Gale Research, 1995.  And other years.  **+Indispensable tool for older as well as recent films.  Cited in our text as Video Hound (year). 



1.  REF, RDE, 00/III/95            Willingham, Ralph.  Science Fiction and the Theatre.  Cited under Drama.  *+Includes an appendix with an annotated list of 328 S. F. plays, theatre pieces, performance art pieces, etc..