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Welcome to the year 2000. Or, as the media has been calling it for the past year - "Y2K." As we all knew, nothing happened at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. No planes fell from the sky. Russia did not accidentally launch its nuclear weapons at us. No, everyone rang in the new year with a bang, not from a bomb explosion, but rather from a party popper. I was among those who celebrated the coming of a new century.

We have some updates for the Sci-Fi Crossroads in 2000. We are planning on adding a Chat Room for the enjoyment of our visitors. This way our sci-fi fans can talk directly to one another through our site, and share their thoughts and ideas about the science fiction field. We hope to have this room set up within the next few weeks. Information will be available through the updates posted on this page.

In addition to this chat room, we will be providing links to full text science fiction stories written by local and national authors. These stories will be posted with the permission of the authors themselves.

We will keep you posted as to the progress of the changes and additions being made to the Crossroads.


Hey there boys and girls.† Got an update for ya.† For all you sci-fi fantasy lovers out there, we have added a few new links for you.† Check them out under they Sci-Fi & Fantasy category.† Trust me, they are worth looking at.†


We are now up and running online.† After a week of server trouble, we are officially open to the public.† Sorry for the inconvenience this wait may have caused everybody.† We here at The Crossroads apologize for the long wait.


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a historic moment in our planets history.† For today comes the birth of a new web page.† From the moment of its conception, we knew its arrival would bring with it a new age in Science Fiction.† We have decided to call it, "The Sci-Fi Crossroads."† The purpose of this page is to provide our visitors with the best source of Science Fiction the earth has ever known.† From this crossroad on the Information Super Highway, visitors from across the globe will be able to access their favorite Science Fiction authors, television and cinema characters, as well as information regarding special events in the Sci-Fi field.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at the crossroads, and take advantage of the resources we have provided to you.

--Matt Horstman *Webmaster*

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