Assignment #2: a group project requiring:

[01]  An office visit by the group leader, or designee, to negotiate specifics.

[02]  A study guide or other handout for the class, minimally identifying your group and its members, and giving the date, course name, and whatever other credits might be fair.

[03]  Electronic copy to me of the something in writing if that something is the main thing the group is doing: on floppy or zip or via email in some format you have cleared with me in advance.

[04]  Some sort of presentation in class of 5-20 minutes (more can be negotiated), possibly including acting a scene or showing excerpts.


Group Projects:

Group 1:  Romantics/Satirists:  WT, MM - the Tragicomic Pattern (negotiable: substituting Troilus and Cressida or Branagh's Much Ado)

Group 2:  Theatre/TV: Luhrmann Rom. film and Staging Shax.: on MND and Rom. then approaches to mise-en-scene in smaller scale productions such as - BBC WT, MM, (MND) (other BBC possibilities: H5, Troilus, R3, also Julie Taymor's Titus)

Group 3:  Lit. Critics: 1&2Henry4 (R2) leading up to H5, the Tudor Myth

Group 4:  Gender on relevant comedies (with sometimes central women), tragedies (where women are important), histories (where women are secondary)

Group 5:  Film Critics: BBC Hamlet, Branagh's Hamlet, and/or Hamlet (2000) with Ethan Hawke

Group 6:  Modernism/Post Modernism: 3 Richard III films: Olivier (Modern), BBC (sort of PoMo), McKellen/Loncraine (an exercise in Mod/PoMo mise-en-scene) option: Pacino's Looking for RIchard

Group 7:  Film Folk: Richard III/Macbeth and Orson Welles: Shakespearian auteur (we'll negotiate specifics)

Group 8:  Culture Critics: Throne of Blood, Ran and Akira Kurosawa


Steering Committee. Groups, and Group Leaders:

We will divide into groups; the groups will each choose a leader; the group leaders together = the steering committee.

Individually the group leaders:  keep track on the card count chart of who participates in group exercises and (separate list) who participates in class discussion, lead the group in preparing for your presentation.

As a class steering committee:  work with the instructor on trouble-shooting, work with the instructor to help the class take advantage of opportunities such as Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival or Miami University Theatre productions, work with the instructor to help the class take advantage of MUTv and movie screenings supplemental to our regularly scheduled (mandatory) viewings.