Roberts Bridge

Roberts Bridge formerly spanned Seven Mile Creek. The bridge was built by Orlistus Roberts in 1829, which makes the Roberts Bridge the oldest in Ohio. The 90' bridge rests on stone abutments. Roberts Bridge is the only double-barrelled covered bridge in Ohio and is one of only six left in the United States. The Roberts Bridge has three trusses, one in the center and one on each side of the bridge. Each truss has a multiple kingpost truss encased by two Burr arches. The interior is features runners on either side and the three double Burr arches. The exterior has red wood siding. On August 5, 1986, the bridge was burned by arsonists. The fire destroyed most of the bridge. The fire was a great tragedy because it not only ruined the oldest bridge in Ohio, but the only double-barrelled bridge in Ohio. Roberts Bridge, after being dismantled, sandblasted, and reassembled at a cost of over $150,000, is now located in a city park on the south edge of Eaton.