Fall 2018 Algebra Seminar

The algebra seminar will be held on Tuesdays during the Spring 2018 semester in Bachelor Hall 120. We will meet from 2:50-3:50pm unless there is a department meeting, in which case we will meet 4pm-5pm. To get on the mailing list, please contact Jason Gaddis (gaddisj@miamioh.edu).


  • Sept 11, 18, Oct 2. Dan Farley, Miami University. "Groups that are locally determined by inverse semigroups", abstract.
  • Oct 9, Nov 6. Jason Gaddis, Miami University. "Fixed rings of generalized Weyl algebras", abstract.
  • Nov 27. Charlotte Ure, Michigan State University. "Generators and Relations of the Brauer Group of an Elliptic Curve", abstract.

Previous Seminars

Spring 2018 Algebra Seminar

  • January 30, February 6, 13. Jason Gaddis, Miami University. "Quivers and Calabi-Yau Algebras", abstract, notes.
  • March 13. Zachary Cline, Temple University. "On actions of Drinfel'd doubles of finite dimensional algebras", abstract.
  • March 20. Spring Break, no seminar.
  • April 10, 17, 24. Dennis Keeler, Miami University. "Nef divisors".
  • May 1. Daniel Yee, Bradley University. "Gelfand-Kirillov Dimension of Connected Hopf Algebras", abstract.