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MIAMI'S CLARINET STUDIO: Where Careers are Built

~Excellence, Artistry, Innovation~

Music students at Miami University enjoy a full range of advantages as part of a nationally-recognized program at one of America's truly outstanding universities. In addition to the University legacy of high academic standards and rich tradition, Miami music students experience the friendly atmosphere of the Department of Music, have access to a beautiful facility and campus and enjoy the luxury of close student-teacher relationships, small classes, frequent counseling, and an abundance of individual attention. The high quality of the music program is exemplified by the excellent placement record of Miami's music graduates.

I invite you to discover what Miami's clarinet studio has to offer, particularly the latest technology I use, as well as thorough individual musical training and highly individualized career plans for each student. Miami's Department of Music offers scholarships on the basis of talent and encourages qualified students to apply for an audition early in the year. Assistantships may be available to graduate students.

My research, along with our violin professor Dr. Harvey Thurmer, culminated in the creation of a Virtual Audience System to help alleviate symptoms of performance anxiety.

My experienced students qualify to become part of the faculty in my ClariSkypeStudio.

Michele Gingras is Chair of the Woodwind Division at the Dept. of Music @ Miami




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