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Study abroad with the American Studies Program!


It is commonplace for students to learn about foreign cultures in their study abroad experience. Yet, aside from stereotypes, rarely is there any awareness about the image of the US in the world, let alone any emphasis on acquiring the skills for translating that image.

Our study abroad program can provide those skills and teach you how to use them in your career.

Why do I need intercultural competencies?

A 2010 study by Hart Research Associates on behalf of the Association of American Colleges and Universities shows that employers expect their employees to use a broader set of skills and higher levels of learning and knowledge than in the past in order to be prepared for the challenges of the global economy. The study points out that a majority of employers believe that colleges should place greater emphasis on a variety of learning outcomes developed through a liberal education, which include the ability to understand the global context of situations and decisions, a knowledge of global issues and developments and their implications for the future, and knowledge of the role of the United States in the world

The American Studies study abroad program meets all three of these learning outcomes. By taking American Studies classes abroad, you will systematically learn how other cultures and societies perceive, analyze, and understand American culture, thus gaining a better sense of the United States in global context.

Our study abroad program is a complex learning experience:

You can satisfy up to THREE Miami requirements with only FIVE courses abroad!

- the Study abroad requirement: F3

- the Humanities requirement: 2B

- the Thematic sequence: (by choosing a self-designed thematic sequence outside your home department)

How does it work?

The American Studies program prides itself on one-on-one advising. You will work individually with an advisor from the American Studies program in order to create a personalized study abroad coursework from the AMS courses offered by our partner institutions. Your advisor will also guide you through the application process. You will select courses that match your interests and your needs, and that will help you maximize your study abroad experience by satisfying several Miami requirements.

What type of courses can I attend?

You can choose among courses in American Studies, Political Science, History, Music, Theatre, English, Comparative Literature, Art, Religion, Anthropology, Sociology and Geography. What these courses have in common is that they will all focus on American history and culture.

Where can I go?

We have developed relationships with partner institutions in Finland, Hungary, UK, Egypt, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. You will be able to choose from approved courses they offer each semester.

Join us for the ultimate study abroad experience!


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University of Sussex American Studies Programme

McGill University, MontrealNorth American Studies Program

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American University in Cairo American Studies Department

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New Zealand:
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