Selected Online Resources for American Foreign Policy & US-Cuba Policy
Professor Patrick J. Haney

Miami University



Nucs, The Cold War, and After
CNN's Cold War: Comrades
CNN's Cold War: Iron Curtain
CNN's Cold War: Marshall Plan
CNN's Cold War: Sputnik
 CNN's Cold War: MAD
CNN's Cold War: Detente
CNN's Cold War and American Culture
 CNN's Cold War Games
 Eisenhower Library
 Kennedy Library
 Energy Department films of Atomic Tests
 The Doomsday Clock
WGBH's Race for the SuperBomb
Paying for the Bomb: Atomic Audit
Missile Defense Agency Site
 Current Missile Proliferation

Union of Concerned Scientists


News and Analysis
CNN's Cold War Special
ABC News
Miami Herald
New York Times
The Economist
The Washington Post
The Atlantic Monthly
Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs
World Policy Journal
Political Science Quarterly
USA-Africa Online
Yahoo's US Foreign Policy Links
The Consortium for Independent Journalism
Dallas Morning News on Cuba Policy

Academic Sites
American Political Science Association
International Studies Association
ISA Directory of Internet Resources
International Organization's resource list
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Matthew B. Ridgway Center at Pitt
Weatherhead Center at Harvard
Hoover Institution at Stanford
US Institute of Peace
Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service
Hopkins' Nitze School--SAIS 

Organized Interests and Think Tanks
National Security Network
Center for Defense Information
RAND Corporation
Council on Foreign Relations
Business Executives for National Security
Center for International Policy
The Heritage Foundation
The Hudson Institute
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  The National Security Archive
The Brookings Institution

The Federation of American Scientists

Government Sites
Search the Federal Government
Official Federal Government Web Sites
US House of Representatives
US Senate
The White House
National Security Council
US Department of Defense
Central Intelligence Agency

CIA's World Factbook
US Department of State
Department of Energy
US Government Accountability Office
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
U.S. Government Printing Office
State's Int'l Information Programs (old USIA)
Congressional Budget Office
National Endowment for Democracy 
US Air Force Museum (Wright-Patterson)


US House of Representatives
House International Relations Committee
House Armed Services Committee
List of House Appropriations Subcommittees
US Senate
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senate Armed Services Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Congressional Budget Office


Congress, the President, and Cuba Policy
USIA Chronology of US-Cuba Relations
LIBERTAD Act of 1996 (Helms-Burton)
US Rules on Cuban Cigars (and other things)
1997 DoD Report on the Cuban Threat
Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL)

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL)
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) 
State's Cuba Page

Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba
Cuban American National Foundation
Brothers to the Rescue
Cuban Committee for Democracy
US-Cuba Commission

Alamar Associates
Council on Foreign Relations Cuba Task Force Report
The Miami Herald


Hot Docs

President’s Daily Brief from August 2001

Richard Clarke’s Aug 2001  Memo about Terror Threat




American Foreign Policy and US-Cuba Policy Resources
Professor Patrick J. Haney
Last revised 01/30/2007