Mary C. Henry, Ph.D.



My interests include landscape ecology, vegetation disturbance and dynamics, remote sensing, and human impacts on ecosystems. 

Prospective Students
If you are interested in working with me, you can apply for either the MA Geography program or PhD program in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology. I also work with students in the Environmental Science, M.En. program.  Please note that I do not have funding to support a post-doctoral researcher. Please see if my research fits your interests, then follow the links to the graduate programs above, or contact me.

Fire Ecology

Fire research has been my favorite since the beginning of my Geography career at UC Santa Barbara. Since then, I’ve done research using remote sensing to study to fire in chaparral (Southern California) and pine-oak forests (Southern Arizona). I also tested different techniques to map fires in Ocala National Forest, Florida (see Henry 2008 publication below). Recently, I have been working to map burn scars and estimate fire emissions in Kenya using remotely sensed data.

Invasive Species

In 2012, we finished work on invasion dynamics of an exotic understory shrub species (Lonicera maackii)  funded by a USDA National Research Initiative (NRI) Competitive Grant on the Biology of Weedy and Invasive Species in Agroecosystems ($376,940). See the Resasco et al. paper below for a pilot study on this subject and Wilfong et al. and Johnston et al. papers for other projects from the grant. We also have one more paper coming out this year (2014- see Google Scholar).

Geographic Education

I also have interests in geographic & earth science education at the university- and K12-levels, including the use of GIS, remote sensing, and GPS in the classroom. See this link for information on a past NSF proposal. I recently worked with OhioView and have also served on the Steering Committee for the Ohio Geographic Alliance

I am always doing 'informal research' through my own teaching, and participated in a faculty learning community on the scholarship of teaching (2003-2004). My work during that program focused on my GEO121 class (Intro Physical Geography) and included development of my own set of lab exercises for the course, which are computer-based.  I taught the same course online with and without labs (2014 & 2015) and am currently teaching GEO121 as a hybrid course during the semester (labs are 100% online).

Selected Publications (See my Google Scholar Page for the most current list)

Johnston, S. E., M. C. Henry, D. L. Gorchov (2012) Using Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) for the Detection of the Invasive Shrub Lonicera maackii in Southwestern Ohio Forests, GIScience & Remote Sensing, 49(3):450-462. (pdf)

Gillen, J., L. Skryzhevska, M. C. Henry, J. Green (2010) Map Interpretation Instruction in Introductory Textbooks: A Preliminary Investigation, Journal of Geography, 109:181-189. (pdf)

Bryan N. Wilfong, David L. Gorchov, and Mary C. Henry (2009) Detecting an Invasive Shrub in Deciduous Forest Understories Using Remote Sensing, Weed Science, 57:512-520.(pdf) *graduate student first author*

Winn N., C. E. Williamson, R. Abbitt, K. Rose, W. Renwick, M. Henry and J. Saros (2009) Modeling dissolved organic carbon in subalpine and alpine lakes with GIS and remote sensing, Landscape Ecology, 24(6):807-816. (pdf) *graduate student first author*

Henry, M. C. (2008) Comparison of single- and multi-date Landsat data for mapping wildfire scars in Ocala National Forest, Florida, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 74(7):881-891. (pdf)

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Maingi, J. K. and Henry, M. C., (2007) Factors influencing wildfire occurrence and distribution in eastern Kentucky, USA, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 16(1):23-33. (pdf)

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Henry, M. C. and A. S. Hope (1998) Monitoring Post-Burn Recovery of Chaparral Vegetation in Southern California using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 19:3097-3107. (pdf)