How to Crochet

There are many different stitches in crochet. I'll teach you how to do most of them and you can follow other patterns to create many different products.


2.crochet hook (can be bought at Wal-Mart or craft stores.)
The sizes of these supplies can result in different thicknesses of of your final product.


Every crochet project begins with a chain, so we'll start there.

1.Make a slip knot on the hook.
2.Hold the hook in your right hand between your thumb and second finger with the index finger near the tip. Holding the knot in your left hand, bring yarn over the hook and draw it through the loop, making the first chain stitch.
3.Keep making chain stitches until you've got an even tension and rhythm (helps keep work neat and even.

Slip Stitch

1.This is the shortest stitch and normally used to join fancy pieces together. Make 12 loose chain stitches. Skip the first chain (not counting the slip knot loop) and use the second stitch.
2.Be sure the hook goes through the middle of the chain stitch. Once the hook is through the stitch, pull the yarn through the stitch and the loop on the hook, leaving one new loop on the hook. Continue across the row.
3.When you reach the other side, make a single chain stitch and turn work.
4.On the rest of the project, stick the hook under the V in each stitch, NOT through the middle (only the first row goes through the middle).
5. Do as many rows as you want or need.

Single Crochet

1.With even and medium tension, make 12 stitches. Skip the first chain (not counting the loop on hook). The hook needs to go through the center of the V.
2.Hook the yarn and draw through. You should now have two loops on the hook. Hook more thread and draw through two loops. That's one single crochet.

Double Crochet

1.Make a chain of 12 stitches. Wind yarn over the hook once and insert hook in the fourth chain stitch, hook yarn and draw through chain. You should have 3 loops on the hook.
2.Hook the yarn again and draw through the first two, leaving 2 on the hook.
3.Again, hook yarn and pull through the two loops. THAT'S 1 double crochet stitch.
4.Continue this process until you reach the other end, chain 3 and turn work. The 3 chain stitches act asthe first double crochet for the nest row.
5.Practice makes Perfect!

Half Double Crochet

1.Chain 12 stitches. Hook yarn once, insert in fourth chain, draw loop through, leaving 3 loops on your hook.
2.Hook yarn and draw through all 3 loops. THAT'S one half double crochet stitch.
3.At the end, chain 3 and turn.

Triple Crochet

1.Chain 12. Wind Yarn 2x over hook and insert in fourth chain. Hook and draw through chain. There should be 4 loops on your hook.
2.hook yarn and draw through first 2 loops. Hook one more time and pull through the rest of the loops. THAT'S a triple crochet stitch.
3.At the end, chain 4 and turn.

Now you know how to do 6 different stitches! Mix these up and see what you can make!!