Odin II

Odin II is a high-level front-end Verilog HDL Synthesis tool. Odin, the original version, is available from the University of Toronto, but it is unlikely you will be able to compile the tool. Odin II, however, is much simpler to install and works in any modern NIX based environment. All you will need is the source code, a NIX system with Bison and Flex, and some basic knowledge of how to type "make" on a command line (not common knowledge anymore).

Referencing our Work

This software is completely free and completely unsupported. We have released it under the MIT license, but as in all of academia, it is important for us to have references to our work. Odin has been downloaded (as of August 2009) over 580 times. If you use Odin II in your research, please reference it in your work using this paper:

  • Odin II - An Open-source Verilog HDL Synthesis tool for CAD Research Peter Jamieson, Kenneth B. Kent, Farnaz Gharibian, and Lesley Shannon. 2010 Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM'10), 2010. Charolotte, North Carolina. [pdf] [ppt]