2 - Initial Written Proposal

     For our final project we plan on creating a system which will generate a square wave of a specified amplitude, frequency, and duration.  We will then convert this wave from the digital realm into an analog signal and output it as line-level audio via the 3.5mm stereo audio output on the DE2 board. In order to accomplish this, we expect to be doing a great deal of research, as we have not had extensive experience with the audio capabilities of the DE2 board. Since our familiarity with creating waves in Verilog is also quite limited, we will need to utilize information gathered from lectures as well as search for outside resources that will help us gain the knowledge needed to successfully complete our project. 

     If we are able to accomplish this goal in an expedited amount of time we will then attempt more challenging endeavors.  This could possibly include generating a sine wave and implementing it in our system in a similar way as we implemented the square wave. Alternatively we may attempt to instigate a system which is capable of producing two different waves and outputting wave one on the left audio channel and wave two on the right audio channel.

Week 1: Research how to create waves in Verilog, verify that the wave was created successfully, and utilize the clock on the DE2.

Week 2: Create a module which will generate a square wave of a given amplitude, frequency, and duration.  Then test that the wave was formed correctly.

Week 3: Research how to use the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) on the DE2 in order to enable us to use the line level output to drive a set of speakers.  Find the proper pin assignments to connect everything on the board.

Week 4: Create code which will allow the Cyclone to interface with the DAC and make appropriate pin assignments.

Week 5-6:  Connect computer speakers to audio output and test system.  Fix any problems.

Week ? (If we are ahead of schedule):  If all else is successful and there is remaining time, we will figure out how to implement the same design using a sine wave rather than a square wave.  We also (or instead) may create a system where we are able to output a wave of a particular frequency and amplitude on the left audio channel while we output a wave of different frequency and amplitude on the right audio channel.

Week 6: Present project.