Project Proposal

Project Description: We have chosen to participate in the Redhawk Duels project. Our goal is to modify the current ship design in order to give us an advantage over the other teams. To accomplish this we intend to implement a keyboard interface to allow us to more easily and quickly control our ship. We also plan to create an interface with a VGA monitor to display the power crystal configuration to allow us to better optimize our ships power generation. Finally we would like to create an algorithm to track and automatically target our opponent’s ship. If we have enough time we will display the arena, our position and our opponents last known position on the VGA display.

Project Plan:

1.       We need to study and understand the code for the games master and prototype ship.

2.       Write the code to interface the keyboard with the DE2 board.

3.       Implement and test keyboard interface code and map keyboard for easer control.

4.       Write code to interface VGA screen and code display power crystal configuration.

5.       Test VGA interface and display code.

6.       Write and test code for tracking algorithm.

7.       Write code to display the arena and player positions and information.

8.       Create a battle plan.

Work Division: We hope to be able to work on everything together. If time does not permit we intend to divide the coding and testing responsibilities to expedite the process.