For our project, we are competing in the Red Hawk Duels.  Our objective is to develop complementary programs, informative displays on the monitor, and a comfortable user interface in order to locate an opponent’s location effectively, and react to their moves speedily and efficiently.  



            Our tools fall under three categories:  control, sensors, and AI algorithms.  For our control, we plan on mapping the inputs from the DE2 boards to the buttons on a keyboard.  We also plan on mapping additional algorithms to buttons in order to quickly make complicated readings and/or moves.

            For our sensors, we will display readings on the monitor through a VGA port.  These readings will include a timer, power budget, cannon strength, laser orientation (in degrees), x and y coordinates as well as a map showing relative position to the walls, a radar image providing the opponents last known locations, and a display that shows the current crystal wiring and the suggested crystal wiring.

            Our algorithms’ main responsibility is to give the user solid control over the ship and incorporate auto-pilot motions to the ship.  This would include algorithms that suggest the best rewiring of the crystals, approximate the location of the opponent, automatically fire when the cannon and the laser is lined up, and throw error messages in critical scenarios such as low power,


Steps to be taken

            The first and most crucial step is to interface the monitor through the VGA port.  Then we’ll display basic reading such as the timer, the power budget and the cannon strength.  After the basic readings are taken care of, we will move on to display more complicated readings.  We will create a map display and radar display which includes x and y coordinates, the laser orientation, and a history of the opponent’s previous locations. While the map displays are being configured, we will also create a display to show the crystal wiring and the suggested rewiring, and possibly interface more switches to make rewiring the crystals easier. 

            After all of the displays are taken care of, we will then work on interfacing a keyboard to the DE2 board.  Meanwhile we will build helper programs, such as applying brakes to the ship and displaying error messages.

           Finally, we plan to make an algorithm that uses the opponents previously known locations to guess their current location.


Division of Labor

            We plan on working on different parts of the project, and consulting with each other for complications and interfacing our respective pieces.