Written Proposal

Project Description:

We will attempt to compete in the Redhawk Duel Competition. We will improve upon the design of the prototype ship through implementation of a keyboard, an enemy detection algorithm and hopefully a VGA monitor. The keyboard will allow us to maneuver our ship more easily as well as provide a simple means to fire the cannon and turn the sensor. Enemy detection would turn on a red LED on the DE2 board when the sensor detects the enemy. A VGA monitor would display an optimized power crystal configuration that would allow our ship more power during a duel.

Project Plan:

We will:

  1. Study the code for the prototype ship and gain a full understanding of the ship's functions and controls.
  2. Work to incorporate operation of the ship through a keyboard in the code.
  3. Test and debug the keyboard code until it works properly.
  4. Work to design an algorithm to detect the enemy ship (if this is not already in the prototype code).
  5. Test and debug the detection code until it works properly.
  6. If time allows, integrate a VGA monitor to display an optimized power crystal configuration.
  7. Test and debug the VGA monitor code.
  8. Develop battle tactics.

Project Division:

We will research separately, communicate ideas, discuss coding options, and develop the code together.