Future Work

Gun Mount:

If we were to continue this project in the future the stand would get a complete redesign. Although our current version works it bounces and wobbles which makes the gun inaccurate. In future designs we would try implementing a turntable instead of the single pivot point for the yoke in order to make it sturdier. We would also change the way the gun was attached to the yoke in that we would allow it to pivot around a point while raising and lowering the back to aim it. We would also consider using more powerful servos so that gearing would be unnecessary giving us a wider range of movement and better accuracy. Another improvement we would make is to the triggering mechanism to increase the rate of fire. This could be accomplished by further exploring solenoids as an option or using a high-speed servo to pull the trigger.


Image Tracking:

There are a number of changes we would make to the software if we were to continue this project in the future. We would implement an algorithm known as Predator which would enable us to track unique shapes or specific people instead of doing general motion tracking. Another change we would make is using a different device to capture video. One such device we were considering was the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect would enable us to bring in higher definition video and create a more accurate leading system using the IR depth camera on the Kinect. Also, we would look into different chips to control the servos. Using two arduinos caused many serial communication problems and the system was not reliable.