Matt Buchanan's remote operated dual independent robot drivetrain(RODIRDT)

RODIRDT is a fancy name for 2 servos remotely controlled by Arduinos, Xbee shields, and a PS2 controller. By pressing the left or right analog stick, the direction of rotation of 1 of 2 servos can be controlled. This independent operation allows this divetrain to operate like a tank, giving it much tighter turning radius. There are a few issues with this early prototype. First, even though the continuous rotation servos should stop spinning when a 90 is transmitted, these slowly spin in one direction. Also, while the code is designed to allow for speed control depending on how far you tilt the stick, these servos only appear to have 2 speeds, slow and fast. Finally, I'm not sure how much torque/how much the servos can haul. The advantage is that the PS2 controller offers plenty of extra buttons that could be used for other functions on a robot.