Adnan Obissi Pics/Vids

Here we can see the top and bottom of the platform for the tracker. The top shows just the photo resistors which are placed far apart and facing straight up to ensure that there it will be most accurate. The bottom side shows the wiring and the orientation of the servo. One side of the servo is attached to the platform while the other end is attached to the swivel. I wanted the gear on the end to remain stationary and for the servo itself to move. After mounting the swivel to the vertical axis the servo should have been able to move in both the vertical and horizontal axis, and thus, so would the platform.

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Here we can see the apparatus as I waited for the epoxy to set. I have much of the figure wrapped loosely in electrical tape to try to ensure that the parts stay in the right position. As we will see in the final video, the electrical tape became more important to the integrity of the structure since much of the expoxy did not set effectively.

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We can see that the apparatus doesn't work so well, it isn't moving in the horizontal axis. But the first video does show that the servos are responding correctly.