Tilt Game


I have created an automatic game which has a very simple outline.  The game works in the following way.

When one of four green LED illuminates the servo must tip the breadboard board up in that direction and hold it there until the next LED illuminates. Each time it successfully complete a tilt it will speed up how fast it must respond to the next direction. Once the servo is no longer able to keep pace all the green LEDs turn on and the red LED in the center will begin flashing to tell you your score.

A future improvement for this prototype will allow the user to detach the breadboard from the auto-rotating mechanism and play the game manually.  This way a user can compete against another user, multiple other users, themselves, or the automated system.


In the following pages you will find the details of how I made this project.

Supplies/ Cost
Block Diagram
Pictures and Construction

If you have any questions feel free to contact Aaron Pittenger at pittenas@muohio.edu