Drink Identification

My Final Toy Project is going to be over a bottle cap opener that can identify the beverage by the bottle cap.  

For example, if I go to open up a coke, it will know it is a coke by the red cap, and so on and so forth.  If I had a lot of time I would do it by having a camera on the top of the bottle cap and I would process the image, but for the prototyping stage I am going to use a photoresistor and a green LED to tell the color of the cap.  I am then going to run the photo sensor into an A2D chip and then process the given result and specify which beverage it is by RBG LCD Screen.  But I have run into some problems with getting the RBG LCD screen to run so if I cannot fix it by the end of the week I will be having a servo going either left or right based on which beverage it is.

Project Aspects

Photoresistor Datasheet

A2D Datasheet

LED Screen



Beverages Used