Project Description

The goal of this project is to interface create an electronic toy of your creation.


  1. Create a basic concept of an electronic toy that you will build.
  2. Describe this toy in this wiki.
  3. Implement the toy.
  4. Keep a log of your design on the wiki which includes pictures of the prototyping stages
  5. Once you've completed your toy, add a final report page to your wiki that explains the design, estimates costs of production, estimates time, describes safety issues, etc.  Include pictures, videos, sounds, manuals, as needed.  Note, the wiki deliverable should be all web based.  For example, don't create an entire report in word or pdf and link it to your wiki.
  6. You will give a presentation of this device on the day of the finals worth 5%.  This should demonstrate your design to the class/outsiders as if you are trying to sell it.  Include a video illustrating the device.