Chad Sobota's LED Moving Head Light

LED Moving Head Light

By: Chad Sobota


This LED Moving Head Light created on the Arduino Uno uses five RGB LEDs mounted on the front of a pan/tilt bracket, which the pan and tilt are each being controlled by their own servos. The servos are controlled with the Wii Nunchuk's joystick and accelerometer. The RGB LEDs are driven by the MAX6969 LED Driver and I wrote my own PWM code to work with this driver so you can combine different intensities of red, green, and blue and make your own colors. By holding down the Wii Nunchuk's z-button you override the joystick control to start using the accelerometer instead and by hitting the Wii Nunchuk's c-button you can also change colors on the fly.


Wii Nunchuk/Wiichuck Adapter

Servo Pan/Tilt Code

PWM Code

LED Moving Head Code (combined)


Parts List



2-28-2011 - Ordered Wiichuck Adapter from

3-01-2011 - Ordered Wii Nunchuk Controller from

3-07-2011 - Ordered two small servos and pan/tilt bracket from

3-11-2011 - Ordered 5mm RGB LEDs from

4-09-2011 - Soldered Wiichuck Adapter together, constructed pan/tilt bracket with servos, wrote code to control servos with the Wii Nunchuk joystick, and started writing PWM code for the MAX6969 LED Driver using the Ardiuno Uno which is buggy

4-10-2011 - Wrote code to control servos with the Wii Nunchuk accelerometer when you hold the z-button, fixed the bug in the PWM code for the MAX6969 LED Driver, and programmed in the colors red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, cyan, and white which change when you hit the c-button

4-29-2011 - Bought protoboard from Radio Shack and nuts/bolts from Ace Hardware

4-30-2011 - Finished soldering and cable management