Golf Club- Cost Analysis

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Cost Analysis

Golf Iron: $5 individual (Can be < $1 mass produced with the golf head)

ADXL-335 Accelerometer: $25 (Sparkfun breakout used, can be purchased for < $5 in mass without breakout)

Mini-Breadboad: $.50

Laser System: Estimated $8 total (Cheap system, but very effective)

Arduino MicroController: $25

Wood for laser stand: $7 ( < $1 mass produced)

Wire: <$1

Total Costs: ~$70 (Cost of Prototype)

                  ~$30 (Mass Produced)


Even when not examining the potential of mass production, this seems like a feasible system in terms of costs and profits. A product like this can be marketted as a prestige-item and marked up for profits. The target market could be wealthy customers looking to improve golf performance with a simple club and software system.

In mass production, the product could either remain a prestige item at a very high profit margin, or could drop down to a new target market with a significantly lower profit margin. Higher volume of sales could outweigh loss in per item direct profit of sales.