Light Fearing Robot log


Phase Progress Time Estimate


Ordered first parts; photoresistors, servos, Arduino, small breadboard.

20 minutes
2-Wholesale  parts Purchased a variety of DC motors. 4 hours; day trip
3-Light-sensing and Chassis
Got photoresistors working without incident.  Had a problem finding 10k pulldown resistors, though.  Found some in a drawer in a lab.  Built the robot body. 4 hours
4-Arduino setup Had trouble powering motors.  Allegedly the digital pins on the Arduino can be used as a power supply.  Was able to power an LED this way but the motors will only run off of the hard-wired power and ground pins. 5 hours
5-Code Code completed; combined photoresistor code and control code.  Tuning the control. 3 hours
6-Power failure Hard-wired motors and implemented the rudder solution.  Robot begins to malfunction with the added components being powered only through USB. 3 hours
7-Needs more funding Works intermittently; needs more reliable power source. 2 hours