Nikolaus Kaczka - Light, Temperature, and Sound

Project Description
For this project, I just took the output signals from the OPT101P light sensor and the TMP01 temperature sensor and sent them through a set of speakers bought from wal-mart. I had to send those signals through an arduino first, though, in order to make the signals capable of producing sound from the speakers.


This project took a lot less time than anticipated after realizing the potential issues. The first issue were the speakers. However, that issue was solved since the set I used were computer speakers, so I didn't have to worry about amplifying the input signal, or powering the speakers like I originally thought I would. The second issue was that speakers don't play sound from DC current, which is what my two sensors output. That is why I had to use the arduino. Originally, I was going to write code to turn the signals from the sensors into square waves and then output to the speakers. However, after reading more on the coding of the analogWrite() function, I learned that the arduino pulse width modulates when writing to an analog out pin. This solved that second issue, but I was limited to the 0 to 5 volts of the arduino. Because I was limited to this range, I don't think that I got the full range of the sensors to play. Another issue I had is that my light sensor is sensitive to humidity, which there has been a lot of, so I believe it was starting to fail at the completion of this project.