Alex Hess - Project Log

Project Log


Feb. 27

      Finalized idea

March 5

       Ordered Joystick Shield

March 10

      Soldered Joystick Shield

      This took a while, there were a lot of components to solder.

March 22

      Figured out servo requirements.  

      3 Servos ordered. 1 for X axis, 1 for Y axis. I might have some type of ball dropping device.

March 29

      Got the joystick to move the servos.  

April 5

      Made a plan to attach servos to control knob. 

April 12

      Bought wood from Ace Hardware to build a frame for the servo.  

April 19

      Tried attaching servos with screws and glue.  It did not work.  I need better glue.  

April 23

      Bought 5 minute epoxy.  Built a better wood brace.  Finally got the servos attached.

      The maze moves but need some fine tuning.  One of the directions is backwards.

April 26

      Started fine tuning the movement.  Make the board flat.  Make it more or less in certain directions.  

      I got the backwards servo direction fixed.  I figured out that the map function lets you put in a range backwards.  It still works.  Awesome.

May 3

      Finalized Presentation and Demo