Adnan Obissi - Journal

April 15-16 : Ordered servos, photocells and circuit board, started brainstorming for apparatus

April 18-21 : Recieved parts, started shopping at Ace Hardware to get materials for apparatus

April 22-24 : Used a breadboard to connect the photocells, tried to figure out what logic to use with Arduino, found that I needed extra resistors to effectively examine the voltages while only using 4 nodes

April 27-28 : Started cutting pieces for apparatus and finished shopping at Ace, attached servos to breadboard and tested Arduino code, got two nodes working together to move one servo

April 29-31 : Started building apparatus, tweeked Arduino code to make servos move more smoothly, got 4 nodes working with two servos

May 1-2 : "Finished" building apparatus (the epoxy didn't set too well), got circuit board and platformed soldered, tried to put everything together

May 3 : Saw that the epoxy didn't set correctly, tried to compensate with lots of electrical tape, this wasn't too effective, took video