Project Proposal

We will design and implement a home audio control system through the use of passive infrared sensors (PIR) and our Altera DE2 board.
Our primary feature will involve the system "following" a user based on their location in a home as indicated by a PIR array.  A user will
be able to leave the "base" room and hear the audio system activate in the room he or she is entering.  As a preliminary setting, the audio
in any room would continue to play for 10 seconds after the PIR array in that room has stopped detecting motion.  This system will provide
a good jumping-off point for a number of additional features that may be implemented during the course of this project.  Additional features
could include: independent room audio control with or without voice recognition,  Ethernet connectivity for integration with home networks, and
cell phone/iPod interface similar to the iHome.
Project Links: 

Detection Method

MATLAB Image Processing

Sensor Design and Construction

Test Room

VGA Sensor Display 

Control Logic


Conclusions and Future Work