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This page briefly describes the controller that was used in this project.

As can be seen in the picture above, the controller has three main pieces: the accelerometer, a dip switch, and a pushbutton.


The accelerometer takes readings along 3-axis. The only axis that were used for this design were the X & Y axis. Because the accelerometer is placed directly on our breadboard controller, the user simply needs to pitch and tilt the controller to move the turret.

Dip Switch

The dip switch was used to control the arming mechanism. As can be seen in the image below, the only switch which is being used is switch #1. In order to arm the turret, the user needs to put switch #1 to ON. If at any time throughout the run the user pushes this switch to OFF, the entire system shuts down and the user loses control.


Push Button

As can also be seen in the image above, the push button is also hooked up right above the dip switch. This allows the user to control the trigger on the turret. Important to note is the fact that the despite the fact that the paintball gun is semi-automatic (only one shot fired per trigger pull), the program written creates a fully automatic turret. This means that the user can press down the trigger once and hold it down and fire approximately 3 paintballs per second!

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