taliafpf-Overview of Group Project

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The goal of our project was to build a wirelessly controlled sentry gun.

 Using an accelerometer, the user would be able to aim the gun by tilting the wireless transmitter in the direction he or she wished to aim the gun.  The gun is controlled by two Arduino Uno microprocessors, one in the transmitter and one in the receiver/sentry station.  Information is sent between the transmitter and receiver using XBee wireless transmitters that are attached to the Arduino via a shield.  To fire the gun, the user presses a button on the transmitter.  If the button is held down, the gun will continuously fire at about two rounds per second.  The gun we used in this project was a paintball gun that was powered by compressed CO2.  

We used the following components to construct our gun:

3 servos; an x-axis servo, a y-axis servo and a trigger servo

1 paintball gun

Two Arduino Uno microprocessors

1 accelerometer

Wood to construct the tripod

1 ball bearing

And Screws and bolts to hold it together.