Wireless Controlled Paintball Turret

This is the homepage for the Wireless Controlled Paintball Turret project for Miami's ECE 387 Embedded Systems Design Course. This project was developed by Brian Hunt, Alex Hess, Peter Taliaferro, and Mike Bencsik under the supervision of Dr. Peter Jamieson.

Below are a few navigation links to different aspects of the project's description.


Overview (The general goal of the assigned project, and the group's thought process on accomplishing this)

Code (Detailed description of all the code used on the project, written in the Arduino's own programming language)


Design and Materials (The sections below detail the specific areas of the project, going into detail on what each item/process does)


       Wireless Communication

       Hand-held Controller



Cost of Prototype Development (Short description of the costs associated with the project)

Description of Project Hours

Project Troubleshooting