Final Garage

No path lit: 


Path six lit: (b'0110) This binary number is given to the program through switches on the DE2 board, put in by the user.

Each spot has its own binary number that the user can call. Once the car has passed the second to last red LED, all the lights will turn off. At first we planned for the sensors to turn off one by one as the car passed them, however due to time constraints, we just checked one photo sensor to make them all reset.

IssuesOriginally we were able to go from one sensor, once that sensor was triggered and the LED went off, the next sensor was sensed, and that LED would shut off. As we tried to incorporate the next chip, this is where the problems began. We were able to get those few lights to turn off with the sensors on that one chip. Hours were spent determining the logic to get those chips to interface and get the sensors to work in a domino effect yet due to the parallel processing of the hardware code, we were unable to find a way to correct this.

Future: For further development of the embedded system, the user would be able to select his/her own choice of color corresponding to the parking spot selection. This would be done using PWM (pulse width modulation). Basically, the driver's path would be a different color based upon which parking spot selection was made. The Nios capability would have been further researched, so we could have a C programming platform instead of using the hardware language with the DE2 board. The communication of verilog on DE2 was very tedious and may have been made slightly more simple if we could have written the code in C.