Automated Parking Garage:

Yemoni, Brooke, Martha, and Evelyn

Quick Description:

An application based parking garage that allows the driver to select which parking spot he/she wishes to park in. The embedded system then lights the intended path to direct the driver to his/her parking spot. In other instances the path can also be used to help locate the automobile in the event the driver has not remembered where he/she parked. We derived this idea from the Indianapolis Airport Garage system. This airport, with the use of gates, uses an embedded system to know how to keep track of the amount of cars that are on each level of the garage. This helps the customer know how many spots are available on each level during the process of deciding where to park. We decided to take this to the next level, and help the customer find the closest available spot to their desination. This is our wiki describing our project.


Beginning Stages

Block Diagram




Final Garage

Verilog Code for Garage