Beginning Stages

Before trying to integrate the different microchips, lights, and sensors we had to become experts with each piece separately in order to be able to more effectively bring the whole project together.  We did this by dividing the project into it's separate components: the sensor chips, the LED drivers, and the state machine.

Areas of Focus:


Because the LED driver is essentially a shift register, in order to light the LEDs, we created a module that incorporated a state machine to push bits through the microchip fast enough that there would be no visible flicker during the shifting of bits through the register.  By calling this module for each chip, we could essentially light a single path with different colors.

Or we could light the entire board at one time.  


For the photosensors, we wanted the car to be sensed at a reasonable distance and not have to have it be directly sitting on them.  In order to do this, we took different data readings from different heights above the diode and LED.  We then chose a distance and made that the value that we based off the rest of the sensings.


Verilog: statemachine


Basic Layout Designs: