VPR 5.0 with Power Estimation

Here, you will find updated power models for VPR 5.0. The original versions and research on these power models can be found at Steve Wilton's page.

The updated power models support the new data structures in VPR 5.0, the new architecture file format, and can estimate power on both uni and bi directional routing structures. The download below includes the entire VPR 5.0 folder structure with the MCNC benchmarks used for our experiments.

We include scripts, benchmarks, architecture files, and the source code along with some of the other tools. You will still need to use an activation estimation tool such as the ace tools or the supported version in Odin II.

Referencing our Work

This software is completely free and completely unsupported. If you use this work in your research, please reference it in your work using this paper:

  • An Energy and Power Consumption Analysis of FPGA Routing Architectures. Peter Jamieson, Wayne Luk, Steve J.E. Wilton, and George A. Constantinides. Field-Programmable Technology, 2009. [pdf]