Why go?

Why go on this winter trip?

Well, there's a number of reasons:

  • To learn about winter systems and engineering design.
  • To visit engineering schools in Canada and see how they differ.
  • To watch "Hockey Night in Canada".
  • To skate outdoor on the longest skating rink in the world.
  • To travel by train.
  • To ski or snowboard one of the best hills in Eastern North America.
  • To learn about agile design methods.
  • To economically get your Global Miami Plan credits.
  • To build a winter system.
  • To visit Canada's capital.
  • To visit french Canadian cities and test your french.
  • To have fun and learn about computer engineering, Canada, and the world.
Canada Trip

How much does it cost?

How much does this trip cost?

There are a number of costs that you will pay. They are broken down as follows:

  • You will pay for 6 credits worth of Miami instruction for the year you are in and the workshop fee (2013-2014 fees).
  • There is a $3000 program fee that will cover all hotels and accommodation, trains in Canada, taxi, subways, hardware supplies, and travel to Tremblant. Any money that we save will be refunded back to the student.
  • You need to get to Toronto, ON for the 2nd of January and return to your start point on January 24th. This cost is dependent on where you depart from and how you get there (car, plane, bus, etc.). Plane from Cincinnati will cost approximately $700. Mega bus will cost $200 through Rochester, NY, but will take at least a day of travel. In 2014, we went by Oxford Taxi at roughly $300 a person which is another options.
  • Your daily food costs vary, but budget for $40/day (23*40 ~= $1000)
  • Most activities we do are free (Parliament tour, Skating on the Canal, etc.), but all costs for activities are completely optional. Skiing will cost approximately $70 for ski lift tickets and $50 for rentals. Skating rentals cost around $10.

For 6 credits and a total of 15 credits (6 credits + 9 credits of Miami Plan Completion) the cost per credit is, arguably, cheaper than spending an equivalent term at the Oxford Campus. That and you will, potentially, finish your degree earlier meaning gained opportunity cost with your salary. Or, you can pursue that minor you've always wanted. Canada Trip

What degree credit will I get?

What credit will I get towards my degree?

This can depend on your major.

  • Miami University, Electrical and Computer engineers will get: EAS102 or ECE370a (3 credits towards major) and ECE248 (3 credits as general elective towards major) and they will satisfy the Global Miami Plan portion (Miami Plan Foundation III requirement = 9 credits).
  • CEC majors will get: EAS102 (3 credits towards major) or ECE370a (3 credits potentially towards Computer Engineering Minor) and ECE248 (3 credits potentially to Computer Engineering Minor), and they will satisfy the Global Miami Plan portion (Miami Plan Foundation III requirement = 9 credits).
  • Outside CEC: 6 credits of course work in engineering, and they will satisfy the Global Miami Plan portion (Miami Plan Foundation III requirement = 9 credits).
  • Outside Miami: I don't know. That's a question for your institution that I would recommend petitioning before going.
Canada Trip

Are there prerequisites?

Are there prerequisites?


  • ECE370a requires the completion of ECE287 as ECE370a is a special version of the lecture portion of ECE387.
  • EAS/CEC102 requires the completion of CEC101 or equivalent or permission by the instructor (offered in the fall semester at Miami)
  • ECE248 has no prerequisites
Canada Trip
  • What is ECE370a?
  • What is ECE370a?

    What is ECE370a?

    This is a course that will count as the lecture portion of ECE387. In the spring semester you will need to take ECE370b, which is a 1 credit course counting as the lab portion of ECE387. The combined two courses will count as the equivalent of ECE387 and count towards that requirement in your ECE majors.

    When is the workshop?

    When is the workshop?

    The travel dates are from Jan 2nd, 2015 until the end of January.
    This is a short period of time, and therefore, in November and December you will be required to prepare and complete some of the workshop material before leaving. This will mean we don't have to just focus on academic work on the trip and can spend time to visit the places we travel to. Canada Trip

    How do I apply?

    How do I apply?

    There is limited space on this trip. I will be taking 12 students. The approval will be based on first come first serve, a GPA above 2.0, a completion of application steps, and a brief interview with me to verify your interest in learning and doing. Start by emailing me and going here (Miami Study Abroad) to learn about the steps. Canada Trip

    What if I don't ski/snowboard or skate?

    What if I don't ski/snowboard or skate?

    There are some options here. You don't have to do the winter events and stay in the lodge. Everyone won't ski everyday and you can expect skiers to leave early and be back around 3-4pm. You could learn how to ski/snowboard with lessons. You could do other activities such as cross-country ski, snowshoe, hike, etc.

    What documentation do I need to visit Canada?

    What documentation do I need to visit Canada??

    As a Canadian or USA citizen you will need a valid passport. Since we are neither working nor studying in Canada, that is all. For other countries and more details, please see: Visiting Canada.