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Canada Trip

Note: I may run this trip in the future depending on interest!

Miami's Winter Term is an opportunity to head to different countries to travel and study. The trip I take CEC students on goes to Eastern Canada (Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, and Mont Tremblant). The two main goals are to build winter based systems including robots, embedded systems, etc. and to learn about Canada and Canadian Engineering culture.

During the workshop you will be enrolled in one of EAS102 or ECE370 (Engineering Problem Solving or Embedded System Design, respectively) and ECE248 (Engineering Design Methodologies). Before the workshop you will complete some preliminary work to prepare you to design and build both a computer based system (EAS102 or ECE370) and a boardgame (ECE248).

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions?

Winter Trip 2014

Canada Trip

In 2014, six students and I went to Canada on the inaugural Canada robots trip. You can take a look at the students records of the trip, the cold, the work, their boardgames and the fun here.