Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Nero Fiddled.... 

It is a good thing that the media is hung up on important matters like whether Dan Rather reported on fake documents or not, or as last Friday's "Wall Street Journal" had on the front page above the fold a story about Japanese 20-somethings that like to dress up like babies.

All of this while important matters to the public go unnoticed.
For example, the Project on Government Oversight has uncovered a contract that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has with a private contractor to test the security at our nuclear power plants that places all of us in danger.

It appears that the NRC has given a contract to Wackenhut Corporation to supply teams to try to infilitrate our nuclear power plants in an effort to determine how well we our prepared against a potential terrorist attack. The problem? Wackenhut also provides the private police forces that guard almost half of our nuclear power plants. Wanna bet that attacks on the 30 plants that Wackenhut protects are all thwarted?

You don't even have to predict. We already know that Wackenhut has cheated on the test. The DOE inspector general did an independent investigation of the "force on force" exercises and found that the results were "tainted and unreliable."


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