Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First It Was Tinky Winky... 

Want to see what the Religious Right has done with its new found power in being the organization solely responsible for giving Our Glorious Leader his mandate?

They have taken on the task of protecting our children from the rampant homosexuality found in the movie "Shark Tale," which was released recently from the pro-gay team at Dreamworks.**

The American Family Association has just sent out a newsletter with the bold headline: SOMETHING'S SWISHY ABOUT SHARK TALE.


The main character, Lenny, has all the "mannerisms and voice" that tend "toward the effeminate." Get where they learned of Lenny's mannerisms?

Lenny's mannerisms and voice tend toward the effeminate, notes a review by Scott Tobias in The Onion A.V. Club, but that's not the worst of it. For in sharkdom, masculinity is measured by one's proficiency as a meat-eater.

That's right--"The Onion," that stalwart of professional journalism.

But there is more. Later in the article, the AFA asks the question: Cross Dressing Shark?

But Lenny is more than just a vegetarian. He turns out to enjoy dressing as a dolphin, an obvious allusion to cross-dressing...

Right. I see it now.

Apparently an earlier alert from the AFA warned us of the dangers of "Shrek 2," which the blaring headline here stated:


How in God's name do liberals get hung with the title "the Looney Left"? What is more depressing is I am related to some jackasses who are circulating these warnings all around their communities and folks in their email address book.

**Editors note: in my original posting, I attributed the production of "Shark Tales" to Disney Pixar, to which some anonymous reader emailed me the following:

"You need to get your facts straight.
Shark Tale was produced by DreamWorks. Not Pixar and Disney.
You can add SKG to the pro-gay list."

Thanks for the correction. The change in studios now makes the actions by the AFA sound perfectly reasonable.


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