Thursday, March 19, 2009

Origins of The Daily Me 

Nicholas Kristof has an OpEd in today's NY Times about the problem of increased polarization as a result of the death of newspapers and really conventional news in favor of "online" news. He refers to Nicholas Negroponte, at MIT, who he says has come up with a concept known as "The Daily Me." This is a tendency to only seek out news that conforms with our pre-existing beliefs about politics, culture, etc. And he is right--this is a big problem as the news media becomes fragmented. The problem though is the ideal of "The Daily Me" originated first with Cass Sunstein, former law professor at the University of Chicago and now Obama insider. In 2002, Sunstein published "," a treatise warning about the effects that online communication would have on civil discourse. In fact, his first chapter is titled "The Daily Me."


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